Friday, 6 December 2013

Week 12 - 5/12/2013

Based on the video, we knew that the small boy steal medicine is because of her mother and according to the question I asked during presentation: you will think that the boy is a thief who lack of education or got his own difficulty if you were someone who passed by? My classmate and I also answered that we will think the person is a thief who lack of education. This proven that people like to judge someone without knowing the true. According to the experiment I show before starting my presentation also tell us that we do not know the true if we did not see it. However, the man from the video is different. He at least ask what happen to the kid and even gives him some foods without hoping for any return. He helps without expect for any benefits. This video is quite meaningful as it brings a message says that we can’t judge people without knowing the true instead of giving is the best communication.

Week 3 - 3/10/2013

Physician-assisted suicide might help the patients from suffering the pain, but it hurts people who around the patient. There are many solutions for every single sickness, patient should not give up to live. Since the patient dare to have physician-assisted then why not they be brave to face the sickness. I think this is not a right way to do for a patient. I will not support my patient's decision to die as I am a doctor, because I think that doctor has the responsible to help and cure their patient. If a doctor supports their patient to die, who will still encourage the patient to live? Doctor who has this attitude will affect the patient and cause bad consequences. I will support her decision to show respect and because I understand her feeling. I will feel sad but I still need to accept the true. In another way, I will not support because I need to appreciate the time when she is still here. Otherwise, I will regret about it.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week 11 - 28/11/2013

I think we should make everything clear in mind, don’t make mistake which will brings us to jail. Prisoner is always the wrong one. Even though Andy is innocent, but no one believes him once he went into to jail. No one will think any of the prisoners is innocent and that is what they deserve. In my opinion, Andy is a person who very intelligent. Andy trying to make life better as he trying to fawn from the warden to benefits his prisoner friends and trying to get a chance to escape from the jail. Based on the movie, I think that knowledge giving hope and chance to people. Chance is always there if we try to do it. Lastly, I also believe that everyone could success if they struggle hard for what they wants and needs. Andy is a very good example as what he did.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Week 10 - 21/11/2013

I think that social network is more towards to advantage as it brings more benefits to people. First, it can help us to build a better relationship with relative or friends who stay far to us. Meet more friends is also one of the points, we can even chat with someone when we feel bored. Most of our parents not allow us to out always, so this is the only way we can know more friends. Some people will say that social network actually bring more disadvantages to us. This is because they feel that we have leave out our friends or family once we are focus on facebook, twitter, skype and so on. In my opinion, I think that keep in touch with each other through network are more convenience. For an example, my friends and I always share notes through Facebook. Otherwise, we need to meet out just for sharing a note. However, the era has improved. If who’s think that social network is not a need for people are staying in the arrears. People nowadays are keep trying to improve the society, so many things has done through survey. Therefore, I believe nothing is really bad after an improvement.   

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week 9 - 14/11/2013

After staying back to prepare presentation for few days, my friends had invite me to go out and paint the town red when our presentation is over. However, I had rejected them because my mother has already prepared dinner for me. That night was my grandmother birthday and we out the red carpet to invite her to our house for dinner. I was green with envy when I saw my cousin got her own TR15 camera. Hence, I decided to buy myself one after I get a job since I don’t have a red cent right now. Besides that, my mother has a green thumb as she always decorate and keep the plants healthy in our house. She always moves and watering the plants when she is free. My parents finally give someone the green light to buy me a new Iphone after I have begging them for few days. I am so happy because they do not promise to buy me a new one even though I argue with them until I was blue in face. Actually I preferred to get a white one, but they bought me the black one so I told them a little white lie said that I loved it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Week 8 - 7/11/2013

In my opinion, I think unemployment rate increase is because all the new graduates got too high of expectation for their salary. All of them think that basic salary with a paper certificate can be around two thousand. Hence, they will not choose for the lower payment and rather to remain unemployed. Besides that, I will prefer those who with experience more than those who with qualification. This is because nowadays Malaysia education level is getting lower, people who just graduate from degree cannot even speak fluent English. All new graduates skill is not good as those who with experience one. The experience one got better skill as they can present well in public and they are more experienced than those who only have qualification. Other than that, we continue higher education level is just demand for a paper certificate so that it will be easier for us to get a job in future. However, majority of us had done this mistake as we did not learn what we need in future during lesson just to get a certificate. This is the reason why I prefer more to experience.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Week 7 - 31/10/2013

I think this week journal not going to be much word as I got no idea about how to make Ms.Ezzati happy in our class. We did voice out sometimes but not always. Most of the time we discuss with each other is using mandarin, that’s why we do not share it out. I think Ms.Ezzati will be happy if we voice out and sharing out our idea. To be honest, I think most of us cannot do it. I think to make someone sad or angry is easy but not to let someone happy. However, even my quiz for happiness only got 4.2% which mean below happy rate. Hence, I think a sad person has no ability to make others to be happy. Please forgive me and I hope that I can be more happy in Ms.Ezzati class. I think only Ms.Ezzati got the ability to cause us sad and happy. “laugh out loud”